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At BCG Platinion, creativity, a thirst for learning and lateral thinking are in-demand. These characteristics make our daily work extraordinarily exciting, and offer many opportunities for personal development.

Do you share our values and still have some questions about the application process? If so, please contact us!

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How can I apply?

The most effective and fastest way is the paperless application via our online portal. There, you can also set up a user account so that you can subsequently check the status of your application. We shall be happy to answer any questions you may have beforehand or to accept your application via e-mail.

What are BCG Platinion’s application criteria?

An absolute willingness to make a difference is indispensable. We are interested in people who have analytical and conceptual skills. Communication skills – including English language skills – are as important for our work as intellectual flexibility, a precise and meticulous working style, and resilience.

If you are interested in working in IT Architecture or IT Consulting, you will be expected to have a degree in an IT or business related subject as well as proven practical experience as a minimum. Some positions require several years’ job experience. The willingness to undertake international travel is a given.

How long does the application process take?

You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt as soon as your application has reached us. We aim to respond to you within a week, to advise you either way. If you have passed the initial application check, we’ll let you know the next steps.

What can I expect in the interviews?

Our goal is to really get to know suitable candidates during interviews. To this end, you will be talking with several of your potential colleagues, as well as superiors. If you have applied for a consulting position, you will also be made familiar with our working practices and project types on the basis of typical case studies from our daily project work.

To what extent can I influence where I will be based and the types of project I will be working on?

Of course, our employees can express their preferences regarding their project assignments, e.g. projects abroad. Such preferences will be taken into account, where practicable, in the project planning.

It is important to us that you gain wide-ranging experience – particularly in the early stages of your career. Colleagues at IT Architect and IT Consultant entry level are therefore not firmly assigned to a practice group, but can become involved in several industries. As an employee’s experience grows with their seniority, specialization in an industry sector is possible and desirable. You are welcome to mention any area that you would like to focus on in your application. Wherever possible, this will be taken into account once you have joined the company.

What does a typical consultant’s day look like?

Working at BCG Platinion means involvement in national and international projects. You will generally be working on the client’s premises from Monday to Thursday. Friday is the so-called “office day” at BCG Platinion when you work for the client from the office – assuming that this is compatible with the current project stage. This facilitates interaction with colleagues and offers further opportunities for helping to advance BCG Platinion’s development.

What is the usual project length?

This can vary greatly and depends on the type and content of the individual project. Shorter projects are completed within three to four weeks. If we assist with an implementation or a merger, projects can take significantly longer than a year. With these types of project, there is usually a possibility of making occasional changes to the project team.

Are internships or dissertations offered?

Joining BCG Platinion requires substantial practical experience. Our employees have generally already acquired solid experience in internships or previous jobs. We therefore do not offer an internship program for gaining professional experience. In response to individual requests, we will of course be willing to check potential assignments in order to find a solution on a case-by-case basis.

However, we unfortunately cannot provide support for graduate theses.

How does BCG Platinion create Social Impact?

Social Impact plays an essential role here at BCG Platinion because we view ourselves as active co-creators of a better future, even beyond the IT sector. This is why we use our core competencies in strategic consulting as well as our diverse technical know-how to support civic organizations in implementing their projects. During collaboration, BCG Platinion focuses on solving complex IT solutions for regional and global organizations so that they, in turn, can work on realizing their mission. We are proud to not only experience but actively drive change together with other committed initiatives.

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